Creating a smart mirror

  • Hardware

Smart mirrors may some day become a thing as internet-connected devices become more widely available.  While deep in the youtube universe i saw some DIY builds that really peaked my interest, I’ve been interested in building one for some time. However, i did not want to build the typical smart mirror that simply displayed text about things like tweets. This would be a mirror that you can interact with via your voice.

I quickly realized that most of the DIY Smart Mirror projects suffered from a common problem — there was no way to interact with the mirror. I wanted to ask it questions like:

  • “What is Donald Trump up to?”
  • “What do you look like?”
  • “Turn off the bedroom lights.”


What I aim to achieve

Somewhat of a very finished product that can easily blend into the decor of any apartment, also a smart mirror build that doesn’t break the bank as these DIY builds can sometime be very expensive.



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  • Sylvia says:

    Can’t wait for the final product!

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